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Hello, readers! The name’s Ashley. I’m a proud English major, lover of Teavana tea, and things that go “bump” in the night. I grew up in a small town, but let’s face it, who didn’t? I decided to start this blog in order to document my daily life in a creative way. I’m constantly growing as a blogger, and my hope is that my site will continue to evolve with me. I basically post whatever my little heart desires. Sometimes you’ll see outfit posts, others I’ll tell you about a great book that I’m reading, or I might just update you on what’s going on in my life. My goal is to learn, inspire, and to update as much as possible. Take off your coat, and stay awhile!

“I just want to live a life worth writing down.”


P.S. I love hearing about new books and music, so feel free to send suggestions my way! You’ll be my favorite. :]


  • CrossYourSweetheart

    Why, hello, there! It’s lovely to meet you, as well. :]

  • hotensemble

    hi ashley! i decided to give this website a try! i started a blog on vox.com in august, but the website closed down. i’m still trying to figure out what all i can do on this website. i wish i had more freedom to customize my blog, like i did in the past with myspace. =)

  • CrossYourSweetheart

    Awhhh! Hey, Jane! I’m so excited to see you on here!

  • CrossYourSweetheart

    OH, and you can customize your blog. There are different codes and such that you can put in, but I haven’t quite figured them all out, yet.

  • Rena Nichole

    Yeah, see, this is getting creepy. I’m an English Ed major. LOL.

    You should read “My Jane Austen Summer”, if you haven’t. It’s fluff, but it’s awesome.

  • Frank Garcia

    Cheers to the fellow English major!
    I remember when I first had to read Jane Austen; I thought I would never be able to get through it. It is a roooooomance book, a woman’s novel. Then I read Sense and Sensibility and fell in love with her novels. Shhhh though, need to keep that on the DL =0

    • Ashley

      I LOVE meeting fellow English majors. It just warms my heart. I admit that I never read Jane Austen until college (can you believe that they don’t require Austen in some high schools?), so by then, I was getting pressure from my peers to read it and cracked the spine with the utmost anticipation. I was already an Austen follower, before I even read a word. Haha. It was the peer pressure, I think. ;]

      • Frank Garcia

        They did at my high school! Well kind of. We got to choose our books, and all the girls were walking around with Pride and Prejudice!

        And I know what you mean!
        It IS nice to always encounter a fellow English major. It is like we are part of this inner cult or something!! =)

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